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about ncis_lfws
ncis_lfws is a fiction writing challenge community based loosely on Last Icon Maker Standing communities and inspired by sgahcchallenges LWFS challenge. General discriptions and rules have been based on such communities and edited to fit our community's purpose.

The challenge is composed of rounds and on each round the participants will have to write a story based on the provided prompts. Participants have a specific amount of time to complete the issued challenge. Due to the limited timeframe, stories will generally be short. The stories will be submitted to the following email address ONLY: ncis.lfws@gmail.com. At the end of the prompted challenge, the stories will be posted by a moderator, listed anonymously, for voting. Voters will select two best stories, as well as two least favorite stories. These votes MUST include constructive critiques. "I just didn't like it" will not be accepted and the vote will not be counted. Bashing, voting for yourself, and having friends vote for you is not encouraged or allowed. After voting is completed, one winner will be named, and the writer(s) with the lowest combined votes will be eliminated. This will continue for as many rounds necessary, until there is only one writer standing, which will be selected as the NCIS Last Fiction Writer Standing.

All submissions and commincations are to be sent to: ncis.lfws@gmail.com. Submissions must be labeled in the subject line as "LFWS Round #". All intended coding must be written into your email or attachment (preferably in .rtf format) as the moderator will post it as it was submitted. General inquiries must be labeled in the subject line as "LFWS Question".

Note: All dates and times are US, Eastern Standard Time.

the rules

1. You have to sign up to participate. You can sign up by replying to the sign up post.

2. Prompt suggestions are always welcome! You can submit your ideas to the suggestions post.

3. Once the Prompt Round is posted, the participating authors will have until the designated deadline to get their stories submitted. NOTE: The challenge prompts are non negotiable. If you are confused by it, don't worry about it. It's your place as the author to interpret the prompt and write. In regards to character relationships, that is an open door choice. While it is understood that you have a preference to a particular pairing, we do encourage that you try a variety of combinations to expand your talents.

4. Word counts may vary based on the Prompt Round. However all submissions must be a minimum of 500 words.

5. Do not post your stories to your journal, archive, or any other place until voting round for that challenge is complete. Do not share your story. Do not tell anyone which story is yours until the round voting is complete.

6. Voters MUST give reasons for the votes. No bashings. Constructive criticism only. Unreasonable votes like "It just didn't like it" will not be allowed and not counted.

7. Each vote is worth +2 or -2 points. Pick one story for favorite and one for least favorite.

8. The votes are not to be submitted in the comments of the story. A separate post will be made for votes, which will be screened. Attempted votes in the comments of the story will not be counted. You can post your feedback of the story to the story entry. Those comments will remain screened until the end voting ends and results are posted.

11. Don’t be afraid of not progressing to the next round. Being voted out is a part of the process and remember, it is all done anonymously. However, if you wish, you may continue to write for continue Prompt Rounds and submit them for general sharing for when the Prompt Round is closed. It will be posted separately from active participants.

12. If for any reason you cannot write a story for any one round you can use a skip. Each participant receive one skip on signing up. Maximum of two skips can gained by pimping the comm somewhere else (like in your Livejournal) strictly during sign up stages. A third skip can be earned by another writer signing up that mentions you as a reference. You may only have this skip if you do not pimp twice. Everyone here have real lives and problems and surely there will be occasions in which participating in a round won’t be possible. If you fail to submit the story in the due date and forgot to skip the round, a mod will use any skips you have to save you, however if you don’t have any skips left you will not continue to the next round.

13, Come Back round. A come back round will be done once we are down to FIVE writers. At what round that is depends on author participation and votes. Only those who were eliminated by votes and not by default are allowed to participate.

14. Each round will have a winner, but only one writer will be The Last Fic Writer Standing.

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